Top 5 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Sites and Apps


Top 5 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Sites and Apps: “Sharing is caring”, okay there is no relation to this quote with this article. But in today’s world, the portable devices have good camera sensors which click stunning photos. Sometimes, we need to share those memories with our loved ones and friends.

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And you know when there are lots of images then the size becomes very large. So, there must be some easy way to share the files with the whole group. You must be thinking of sharing the files one device to other using some connectivity radio of the device. Yes, you can do that there are also some smart options available.

Top 5 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Sites and Apps

Top 5 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Sites and Apps

I’ll make your task of finding out that options easy which have a simple interface. Here is the list with some description starts.

  1. Google Drive: You must have heard this name a long time ago. But do you know all of the functionalities of this service that will make our life easier? This is not just limited to sharing but it is cloud storage of 15GB which is quite good when it’s free.
    If you are on a trip with your friends and you want to share all of the images of your smartphone with everyone in few steps then you just have to create one folder on your drive and then upload all of your images in that.
    After this, you just have to find our three dots which will open some option. Then you have to select link sharing. Once you have got your link then you can send them by any messenger. Hurray! you have shared all of the image files with your group.
  2. This site will provide access to 15GB of storage. Just like Google Drive, it is a secure platform for file sharing. The reliable storage site will let you easily upload your files and quickly share with anyone. They have the best quality storage system which let us download our files at a high speed. It is best in its own kind.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive: After Windows and Office, Microsoft also has some great service which will make human modern life easier. Now, when it’s Microsoft, there must not be any question about the reliability and security of the data. But it only gives 5GB of free storage. Once, you use it, you will love its interface and simplicity.
  4. iCloud by Apple: Good news for Apple users. This service is provided by Apple and shows its best compatibility with the Apple devices. But it also has a Windows version which let you access and uploads files to your storage. It also gives 5GB of free storage if you have an Apple product.
  5. Dropbox: This service is beneficial for both normal users and web developers. All of them get 2 GB of free storage. The best part of this service is that it is compatible with the various plugin and third-party tools which means it can make life more easier than ever. But the majority of users of this service include web developers. This is maybe because with this taking backup of a website and again restoring is very simple.

For me, the best of all of the above is Google Drive. My choice is basically because of the kind of work I do with the file sharing services. I personally advice you to try all of them and choose wisely.

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