5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years


5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years:  Hey guys, welcome back to Tech Streek. Today, I’m gonna share with you my predictions of the technology and industry which will be in full force in the next 20 years of human life.

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You all know that technology has evolved from the ground level to its penultimate shell. This means that it will even grow more beyond the thinking of the living creature of this planet. I’ve prepared a list which is a mix of 5 technology and industry predictions. Let’s start this!

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5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years

  1. Artificial Intelligence everywhere: Do you know that AI can be used in almost everything to make any work easier? If yes, then let me know in the comments below. For those, who don’t I’ll tell you. Have ever heard about the Amazon Alexa Devices? Those are the devices which follow certain things by voice recognition. And even they learn from their experiences just because of artificial intelligence. Likewise, it can be found everywhere even in your smartphone’s camera. Currently, it is available mostly for entertainment purposes. But in the coming years, you will get to know more about its application like AI based financial services.
  2. Driverless Vehicles will become a common thing: If you are in regular touch with updates of driverless cars then you must be knowing that this project has faced numerous pains in the early development stages. Currently, it does not look like that this will be the future. But that’s not true, in the coming few years, the driverless cars become a normal thing to the civilians.Do you know the major auto manufacturers such as Nissan, Ford, Renault etc? I know you will be saying yes. But the point is these manufacturers have committed to deliver such cars in the next 2-4 years. And it will become the most convenient and safest daily commuting option for people just like you and me.

    5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years

    5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years

  3. Evolution of Clean Energy: As per my research on the internet, by the year 2030, the majority of the energy sources will be clean i.e., pollution free. This is so because, that time, the air will become full of pollutants and everyone will be working for a clean energy source. If you didn’t have clean air to breathe then what will you do? The most intelligent creature on this planet will definitely invent the ways to get clean energy at an effective cost of operation. When we combine the clean energy with driverless cars then the vehicles commuting will be more efficient and cheap in terms of fuel. The big entrepreneurs like Bill Gates are investing their funds to support and become a part of the future of clean energy sources. What are your opinions? Will you be able to get fresh air in the next 20 years?
  4. Money Gets Smarter: You must have heard about AI and blockchain. When the power of both combined then things become smarter than ever. The money in your may no longer be available instead it will evolve into electronic tokens. There might be a single currency concept in the next 20 years. The token will have all of your credit and you will soon be able to use them to pay for food, education etc.
  5. Security of Information will become a major concern: Today, most of the general consumers and leaders are attracted towards of benefits of digital technologies. But with this, there is a future risk involved like data breach. So, in the coming years, if the current digital technology businesses want to survive they have to show the upstream in the security make the information almost impossible to be hacked by someone.

Infographic for 5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years

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5 Tech And Industry Predictions For The Next 20 Years

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