Steps to open DOCX files and convert them to .DOC and other formats


The Microsoft Office Word’s file extension changed with the arrival of Office 2007 which is known as DOCX. But sometimes, we encounter with a problem of some document which is unable to open this file. Today, here you will get to know about the way by which you can change the format to DOC or even other available file extensions.

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Nowadays, the format of Microsoft office has been adopted by many third-party software and apps. But not all of them are able to open DOCX file. Just follow the guide if you have faced such problem and wants a simple solution.

Steps to open DOCX files and convert them to .DOC and other formats

Steps to open DOCX files and convert them to .DOC and other formats

First of all, I will tell you about opening a DOCX file.

How to open DOCX file

  • Microsoft Office: As the format has been invented by Microsoft Office, so the best option for opening such file is Microsoft Office suite. Not only this, you will be able to open other formats for presentation, access, excel etc. But let me clear one thing, it is not available for free, you have to purchase the license before using it.
  • Word Online: Another best option available is Word Online. This is nothing but the online version of Microsoft Word. Most of the important functionality is available in this version. If you want to use this, just make sure that you have a Microsoft account as the interface will ask you to log in.
  • LibreOffice: This is a free suite available by which you can easily able to access your DOCX file. It is very much similar to the paid Microsoft Office but still, it is a third-party solution. All kind of files that the Microsoft’s suit has the capabilities are also available with this.
  • Microsoft Word for Android and iOS: Microsoft word is available for the portable device, you can easily open, edit your DOC or DOCX format file. The simple interface of the app will boost up your workflow drastically. When you are on the go, you don’t have to turn on your laptop to get the work done. Your smartphone this work easily. You can get this app from the Google Play Store and iOS app store.

I think for opening a DOCX any four of the above will work for you. Now, it’s time for the conversion of DOCX files.

How to convert DOCX files

The most common and easy format in this world of Smartphones and tablets is PDF which is Portable Document Format. You will get most of your files online with this format only. Here, I will guide you for How to convert any DOCX or DOC file to PDF file.

If you have nerdy blood then you must have understood that the conversion will indirectly is a viewer for DOCX files. If you are not then don’t worry, I’ll make this simple for you. Have you ever heard of SmallPDF? if not then I will tell it is a free online service which will make your work of converting files easier.

You just need a smartphone, tablet or a computer having any browser and a good Internet connection.


  1. Go to the official website of SmallPDF –
  2. Click “Choose File item”
  3. Browse for your desired file to convert.

After all these simple three steps, the tool will convert your important uploaded files. As the process of conversion completes, you will get the download button for the PDF, just click on same and finally, you have your PDF file.

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