How to copy text from PDF in smartphone


How to copy text from PDF in smartphone: If you are using the web for a long time, you must have enquered PDF files. And yes, they contain most of the useful pieces of information on the web. The thought of copying it must have come in your mind and wants to insert some text in between.

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But you must have experienced that you are not able to edit or copy the text of a PDfile. So, there are some apps which will definitely help you out in doing this for both Android and iOS. Not all PDF viewer has this capability of copying the text.

How to copy text from PDF in smartphone

  • For Android: Google PDF Viewer or Google Drive:

You will usually find both of the apps pre-installed on your Android device. You just have to touch the Portable Document File you want to open and choose one of the two for the inspection. For copying the text, you just have to touch and hold on a word. Now two blue pointers will appear across the selected word. You can adjust those pointers to select your desired text. After that touch “Copy” option.

How to copy text from PDF in smartphone

If you didn’t find Google PDF Viewer or Google Drive then you can get it for free from the Google Play Store and enjoy playing with PDF files.

  • For iOS: Safari:

The Safari is the default iOS browser for the Apple mobile devices. It will automatically open your Portable Document File if you are surfing the internet. If you want to open an existing PDF file on your smartphone then you can do it with File app.

First of all, find out square with the arrow facing upwards which is the middle icon the lower part of the Safari bar. Now, select “Create PDF” then touch “End” on the upper left corner. A new menu will open, just click on “Save file on …“. Choose your desired location and at last touch “Add” on the top right corner.

Now, press the Home or Back button of your iOS device. Open the File app and go the location where you have saved the file earlier and then open the same.

For copying the text, touch and hold a word in the Portable Document File. Again the blue pointer or cursor will appear, adjust them according to your need and then select “Copy” option.

If you are still facing problems in copying text from a PDF, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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